2012: The War for Souls by Whitley Strieber

By Whitley Strieber

December 21, 2012, might be essentially the most watched dates in heritage. each 26,000 years, Earth traces up with the precise middle of our galaxy. At 11:11 on December 21, 2012, this occasion occurs back, and the traditional Maya calculated that it will mark the top, not just of this age, yet of human cognizance as we all know it. But what's going to really ensue? the tip of the area? a brand new age for mankind? not anything? The final time this occurred, Cro-Magnon guy all at once begun growing nice paintings within the caves of southern France, which to today is still probably the most inexplicable adjustments in human heritage.  Now Whitley Strieber explores 2012 in a towering paintings of fiction that would astound readers with its actually new insights and a riveting roller-coaster ride of a story. A mysterious alien presence abruptly bursts out of sacred websites worldwide and starts to rip human souls from their our bodies, plunging the realm into chaos it hasn't ever prior to recognized.  Courage meets cowardice, loyalty meets betrayal as a complete international struggles to outlive this remarkable end-all war. Heroes emerge, villains display themselves, and in spite of everything anything thoroughly new and unforeseen occurs that right now lifts the fictitious characters right into a new existence, and sounds a haunting real-world caution for the longer term.

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Amazingly enough, they'd done even worse than we had. "They're old," he muttered to himself, returning to one of the lines of thought that he'd been worrying for years. He thought he might now know the secret of the bizarre creatures he had encountered in these woods a few years back, that were the subject of Alien Days. They weren't aliens at all. They were from here. But in their version of earth, the dinosaurs had never gone extinct. Instead, that dark reptilian brain had grown and evolved and changed until these sleek creatures had come about-tough, brilliant, and utterly heartless.

This will be in the book. Because we're part of the story, somehow. " Uh-oh. He had to tread carefully here. hm. The people in the parallel universe aren't us. They have different names. " "Whoa, slow down. The parallel universe is obviously different. Their McDonald's has emerald arches. Their Target target is blue. The president's named James Hannah Wade and the family's named Winters. We're the Dales, if you hadn't noticed. And here, McDonald's has golden arches, obviously. Plus there is no British Empire, among numerous other things.

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