52 Activities for Exploring Values Differences by Donna M. Stringer

By Donna M. Stringer

Finally, a whole guide of actions dedicated to values exploration. The authors have written and tailored sound, ready-to-use actions for settings the place the exploration of worth alterations will be necessary: the office, the study room, human assets courses, ESL periods, company range education and others. With fifty two various studying routines concentrating on how humans lead and interact, this e-book discusses the paintings types that make the adaptation on your association.

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Cultural values such as cooperation, competition, individualism, and collectivism are demonstrated in this kind of activity. 2. Assumptions and knee-jerk reactions can prevent us from exploring alternative behaviors. 3. Cultural values such as individualism and competition may result in conflict and block win-win solutions. 4. Meeting force with force is almost always futile. Adapted from an activity presented by Sivasailam Thiagarajan at The Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, 2000.

5. The participants will probably protest that this is cheating. Remind them that the directions were simply to get the other person to move his or her feet within the 30-second time frame. There were no restrictions on moving your own feet or on communicating. Ask participants who won. Debriefing Questions 1. Describe what happened. ) 2. How did you feel about how you behaved? Your partner’s behaviors? The outcome? 3. What values were behind the different strategies people used? 4. What did you learn from the activity itself and from the “dance” strategy?

Debriefing Questions 1. What happened? What was easiest to do? Hardest? Why? 2. How did you feel about completing this sheet? Why? 3. What would you conclude about values from this experience? 4. What did you learn? 5. How can you apply what you’ve learned? Debriefing Conclusions 1. While some values are global, there are also many cultural and individual differences in values. 2. We all belong to the global human race and to specific cultural groups, and we each have individual personalities; our values come from all three.

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