A Beginner's Guide to the Deep Culture Experience: Beneath by Joseph Shaules

By Joseph Shaules

A Beginner's advisor to the Deep tradition event is an easy-to-read consultant to deep culture-the subconscious cultural programming that we frequently do not observe till we pass in another country. it's written for those that commute, for either company and delight, who are looking to transcend the superficial internationalism caused via globalization. It exhibits readers the best way to get extra out in their travels and stocks anthropologist Edward Hall's conviction that changing into conscious of our subconscious cultural programming is a transcendental problem dealing with we all.

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Likewise, while living in Mexico I visited isolated indigenous communities deep in the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental, where I witnessed ceremonies with roots in religious traditions going back more than 500 years. There was hypnotic dancing around a fire, offerings of tobacco and chanting. S. American knew that I found myself wondering if I could ever fully understand them. And yet, if I had grown up in a rainforest or ast year I spent a week 37 A Beginner’s Guide to the Deep Culture Experience in a Toltec village in Mesoamerica, these traditions and beliefs would have been as normal to me as Starbucks and computers are to me now.

Bob feels attached to his choices. He has political and moral convictions. He feels himself unique because he sees people around him who disagree with him on these issues. But most of Bob’s opinions are ideas that he has picked up from those around him. They represent part of a dialogue that Bob’s community is having with itself. When he watches the news from foreign countries, he is struck by the differences in what is reported. Bob also feels original because he has his own personality. He tends to be, let’s say, friendly and outgoing.

When you eat the same breakfast for years on end, when you greet your colleagues without thinking, or when you spout opinions that you heard on TV, you are perpetuating the influence of deep culture in your life. To pursue deep culture learning at home requires an awareness of how often we function using our cultural and personal autopilot. Breaking even the smallest routine engages our ability to learn new cultural patterns. It also helps if you are nonjudgmental, empathetic, unafraid of making mistakes, curious, comfortable with ambiguity, and willing to take a trial-­a nd-­error approach to new experiences.

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