A History of Bunyoro-Kitara by A.R. Dunbar

By A.R. Dunbar

The ebook in brief tackles the background of the traditional state of Bunyoro-Kitara from which all conceptions of kingship in Uganda originated. The publication has been written in the course of the time in which I have been the King ruling in the succession of my ancestors. Kitara used to be a country of mammoth dimension stretching from Tanganyika to Lake Rudolf and from Lake Naivasha to the Ituri wooded area within the Congo. via unfavorable and unjustifiable conditions the country was once decreased through the British to its current quantity. half used to be made into a separate nation, Toro, half used to be given to the former Belgian Congo and half was once entrusted to Buganda—hence our misplaced Counties. In spite of being small the dominion nonetheless keeps its cultural delight and traditions and at the similar time cherishes its unquenchable spirit of regaining its misplaced Counties.

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33 Nyakatura confirms a southward movement, Bugoma, Lake Albert, Mboga, Busongora, Ankole, Rwanda, Buzinza and Burundi. 34 Crazzolara introduces a contrary note by saying that the Lwoo Bachwezi mingled with the surrounding Bantu tribes, adopting their language and taking different names, such as Bahinda or Batutsi. '""' The Bachwezi left behind them certain intangible and tangible legacies. It is said that the Bachwezi were wearied by the strife between men and left the country, but that in order to be revenged they brought disease and misfortune.

The Bachwezi were probably not different in origin from the other Bahima and were most likely to have been the most recent wave of invaders possibly bringing with them the fruits of a culture ultimately deriving from Meroe. They were certainly pastoralists and their downfall was possibly due to internecine strife, sickness or cattle disease. The Babito were partly Nilotes and part of the Lwoo invasion which populated Acholi and caught up with the last stages of the southern advance of the Bahima.

13 Isingoma Mpuga Rukidi gave instructions that his palace should be built in the same way as had been Wamara's with its complicated system of courtyards and apartments. 15 The Babito may have been Nilotes, one of the offshoots of the Lwoo movement southwards. They had to learn much of the kingship ritual from instructors left behind by the Bachwezi. This may account for the admitted dynastic relationship between the last of the Bachwezi and the first of the Babito. Gorju gives various different versions of the tradition outlined in the preceding paragraphs to account for the connection of the Babito to the Bachwezi.

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