A Message of Hope by J.D. Penca

By J.D. Penca

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We drove past a gas station and I saw the price of gas at over $15 a gallon. It was like I was looking into the future but in real time. As we drove on I saw a teenage boy who had hate in his heart. I felt that the earth was about to go through a major upheaval. That the end would bring such economic pain and that man was trying to inherit the earth. I was seeing visions of the future, but seeing things change before my eyes as if it was already happening. God was showing me the potential tribulation we will suffer if we don’t change.

I ran down the street and saw a van and jumped in front of it for them to stop. They refused to help me. I did not know what to do, I had nowhere to go. I was so upset at God for giving me a gift and afraid for my life that I took off my wedding ring and through it in the street. I never saw that ring ever again and I regret losing it but at that moment I think I had lost my mind. Eventually, I was chased down to a grassy field by several police officers. They threw me to the ground with such force that I bruised a rib.

I began to worry that I might have a manic episode or something so I called the number for my psychiatrist. I was only able to leave a message, mostly showing my concern that they did not have a 24 hour emergency contact number for their patients. The next day, I attended the funeral and said our final goodbyes to her. I went home with my wife, daughter Ella and new son Aidan. Things continued to be normal but I found myself doing much soul searching. I would have long conversations with my mother on the phone or go for a drive in my F-250 truck to think about things.

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