A Tortilla Is Like Life: Food and Culture in the San Luis by Carole M. Counihan

By Carole M. Counihan

Positioned within the southern San Luis Valley of Colorado, the distant and comparatively unknown city of Antonito is domestic to an overwhelmingly Hispanic inhabitants suffering not just to exist in an economically depressed and politically marginalized sector, but in addition to maintain their tradition and their lifeways. among 1996 and 2006, anthropologist Carole Counihan accrued food-centred lifestyles histories from nineteen Mexicanas - Hispanic American ladies - who had long-standing roots within the higher Rio Grande sector. The interviews during this groundbreaking learn fascinated by southern Colorado Hispanic foodways - ideals and behaviors surrounding foodstuff creation, distribution, training, and intake. during this e-book, Counihan gains broad excerpts from those interviews to provide voice to the ladies of Antonito and spotlight their views. 3 traces of inquiry are framed: feminist ethnography, Latino cultural citizenship, and Chicano environmentalism. Counihan records how Antonito's Mexicanas identify a feeling of position and belonging via their wisdom of land and water and use this information to maintain their households and groups. girls play an incredible position via gardening, canning, and drying greens; making money to shop for nutrition; cooking; and feeding relations, pals, and pals on traditional and festive events. They use nutrients to solder or holiday relationships and to specific contrasting emotions of concord and generosity, or enmity and envy. The interviews during this booklet demonstrate that those Mexicanas are inventive prone whose foodstuff paintings contributes to cultural survival.

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You have the right. ” Then he taught us the rights of others. So they dragged me off to the principal, these two bullies, I call them bullies. I was kicking and said, “There’s freedom of speech! ” They took me to the principal, and the principal said, “You were speaking Spanish? ” So he let me go. He didn’t do anything. 1 Teddy’s story revealed her respect for the fundamental American values of free speech and due process, as well as her opposition to the imposition of monolingualism. Her account shows that schools were active agents in the suppression of the Spanish language and made Mexicano Identity and Ethnicity in Antonito 27 children enforcers of that suppression.

If you know two languages, you’re up somewhere. You get asked for certain jobs, and most of them, if you speak both languages, they prefer you for that. That’s another thing with my grandchildren, they don’t use it at all. They speak only English, and if we talk Spanish they have to really pay attention to know what’s going on. I tell them not to forget it. It’s nice, I say, to be able to use both. Because when you grow older, I tell them, you might have a good opportunity, a better opportunity, if you speak both languages.

She was thoughtful and articulate, with a playful sense of humor that often led to an infectious chuckle. Monica Taylor, Asuncionita Mondragon, Martha Mondragon, and Cordi Taylor Ornelas are supporting players in this book. Cordi was the eldest sister of José Inez (Joe) Taylor, my husband’s coauthor, and she lived a block from me and across the street from Ramona Valdez. Cordi was born in 1925, the oldest of seven children, in the hamlet of El Rito, Colorado, fifty miles east across the valley from Antonito near the town of San Luis.

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