Afforestation, Reforestation and Forest Restoration in Arid by Panna Ram Siyag

By Panna Ram Siyag

The e-book is a accomplished guide of perform for execution of afforestation and tree planting programmes in arid and semi-arid tropics. It features a compact working account of the know-how of afforestation and the appropriate ideas and practices in administration of afforestation tasks. It offers quite a lot of established details and a couple of version designs that are gainfully placed to exploit through the sector point supervisors as additionally via the managers inquisitive about making plans and regulate of such tasks. Written through a working towards professional, the publication is useful for someone all in favour of the perform of afforestation and tree planting, be he a tree hobbyist or a faculty instructor, a certified forester or a senior coverage maker in executive, an industrialist or a philanthropist, an environmental activist or a member of a group provider organization.

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Azadirachta indica or Calotropis procera) can help avoid pests. Biopesticides are more ecofriendly, and the extra effort that goes into their application is easily set off by the reduced cost and local availability. Sometimes no effective pesticides are available to manage certain kind of insects. For example, a mollusc affecting the young seedlings of Azadirachta indica, called Laevicaulis alte, is not susceptible to most known pesticides; however, it can be killed by spraying over with a solution of metaldehyde or common salt.

7) includes checking transparency (only for the virgin LDPE type), strength, and leakproofness. Transparency should be good and uniform and should not show streaks. If a bag is filled with soil and dropped on firm ground from waist height and does not tear, it can be said to have passed the strength test. If a bag is filled with water and hung for 2 h and no leakage of water is seen, it passes the test of being leakproof. Another desired property is that of ease of opening. The sheets should not be tightly stuck at the open ends to avoid unnecessary wastage of effort and time.

Mycorrhizal association improves plant growth, enables better uptake of nutrients—especially phosphorus and micronutrients—and improves resistance to drought and root diseases. 7 Standard tests for quality check of polypots Sr. no. Property to test How determined Desired value or result Quick field testing method 1 Strength Tensile strength in longitudinal and lateral directions is measured in laboratory Longitudinal tensile strength T ≥ 55 N/m 2 Leakproofness Filled with water, kept hanging for 24 h No leakage should develop 3 Durability Check for virgin material: hold it against light and examine carefully When filled with sand and dropped on hard ground from waist height, it should not rupture Fill with water and see that it does not leak; blow with mouth, should balloon out Same as in column ‘How determined’ 4 Ease in opening 5 Consistence in borders, size, and gauge Check if the two films of a bag are stuck together, rub the bags up and down between hands On taking a random sample of 50 bags, measure the sealed width, length, and gauge 6 Unit weight Clear, transparent, and free from any streak, spot, pinhole, creases, blister, nicks, and cuts Should not stick; Same as in column should separate ‘How determined’ easily on rubbing between hands along its length Standard deviation Examine visually, should not exceed compare a few bags 5 mm in by overlaying one dimensions, 2 mm on top of another.

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