AIX and Linux Interoperabilty by IBM Redbooks, Abhijit Chavan, International Business

By IBM Redbooks, Abhijit Chavan, International Business Machines Corporation

This IBM Redbook discusses interoperability by way of UNIX to UNIX pass platform info sharing and user/system administration. This redbook additionally demonstrates the similarities and transformations among the AIX and Linux working structures.

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To do this we need two terminals. pem -accept 2222 ... pem ... Timeout : 300 (sec) Verify return code: 0 (ok) --- Note that the server key must be readable by the slapd process, but other users should be denied read access. 0 runs as user ldap and group ldap. pem file must be available to all SSL clients and it should be transferred using ftp or a similar utility. In the case of the OpenSSL clients, just copy the PEM file to a convenient location. The AIX GS kit client requires a slightly different procedure.

Connected to r-linux. Escape character is '^]'. 25 [joe@localhost joe]$ Of course, the case is significant for passwords, because they are stored as hashes. 2 NAME 'posixGroup' SUP top STRUCTURAL DESC 'Abstraction of a group of accounts' MUST ( cn $ gidNumber ) MAY ( userPassword $ memberUid $ description ) ) Example 2-2 User LDIF entry dn: uid=joe,ou=People,dc=weeorg,dc=com uid: joe cn: Joe R. User objectClass: posixAccount objectClass: shadowAccount objectClass: top userPassword: {crypt}h/WA58b9dz5nI loginShell: /bin/ksh uidNumber: 1000 gidNumber: 100 homeDirectory: /home/users/joe gecos: Joe R.

That is why we discuss an alternative LDAP authentication method here. 1, “PAM modules and AIX” on page 9, how to compile and install the PAM LDAP module. The PAM LDAP module on AIX is accessible either directly through PAM enabled applications or through the AIX PAM loadable authentication module. conf configuration file. cfg files. We illustrate the differences in authentication between AIX and PAM applications in Figure 2-7 on page 37. conf. We show one possible configuration in Example 2-7.

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