Aliens by Stuart Kallen

By Stuart Kallen

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Tables with medical instruments surround the examination table. Sometimes the room might be filled with dozens of other abductees undergoing examinations on separate tables. The atmosphere might be sterile and cold or dank and foul smelling. Abductees remove their clothes, or aliens remove them, and they are approached by what seems to be some type of doctor. The extraterrestrial doctor will use its hands or medical instruments to thoroughly examine the abductee. The procedure usually starts at the feet, moves to the torso, and up to the head.

When they touched it, they simply disappear. . [And] they could walk through the walls. The Reptoids glowed an electrical blue/green color, like some kind of aura. . They are telepathic, with very 31 quick thoughts, have ideas driven by images and geometric impressions. It is not a linear form of communication, like words. It is more of a symbol or image language. They do react to your thoughts. They can overwhelm you with data. . 33 Jason says the Reptoids are mentally unbalanced, and they like drugs, including cocaine, opium, and psychedelic mushrooms.

Martinez continues: The Earth woman’s story was deemed to be factually true and correct. S. intelligence then mounted a very special, highly classified operation to capture this alien being, who lived near Landover, Maryland. . The male non-human was interrogated by teams of AFOSI special agents. . It was during this time that the male non-human disclosed its race, its resident planet and the reason it came to Earth. . The male non-human originated from the star system Delta Pavonis, 20 light-years from Earth where it was the 4th planet from their sun.

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