Alvin Schwartz by Jill C. Wheeler

By Jill C. Wheeler

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You're the expert, Rael, since none of the rest of us has been on Canuche before. Any suggestions? " "Not there," she declared flatly. "They've got marvelous restaurants in the northern section, right enough, but we wouldn't want to try paying for a meal in one of those. "This is a working person's planet. Let's just take a transport to any of the factory areas, preferably near the big plants down by the waterfront. " "Lead on, good Doctor," Ali told her with an exaggerated flourish of his hand.

Damn it, he wanted to see the inside of that place or of some other like it. The Engineer-apprentice hesitated. They were at liberty, but he had a feeling that did not include permission to patronize anything in Happy City beyond a straight restaurant. "If we go in, we'll be expected to buy . " "Not all of us," Rael cut in sharply. Kamil's brows raised. "Give me time. Doctor. I was about to say that only two of us should order. The others won't. " She nodded curtly. "Aye. It's probably unnecessary, but .

I hope I'm wrong, Colonel, for the sake of the unknown number of men and maybe women who I think died in that wretched place," Rael replied evenly, "but I don't think I am. " "My comrades can attest to the fact that my sense of smell is very acute. I'd been near heavy concentrations of port rats before and knew the odor, but I'd never come across anything so perceptible as that at a distance in the open air. There simply wasn't a mundane explanation to account for it. If the beasts were present in sufficient number to create a pack nest of the necessary size, they'd be all over the city, to the point that they'd represent a severe and immediate threat to human survival.

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