An Introduction to Distributions by John Horvath

By John Horvath

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Costa Rica was amazing, with diverse landscapes, tropical rain forests, sandy beaches, monkeys, frogs, and brightly colored birds. One day I went snorkeling with one of my friends. The water was incredible shades of aqua blue and perfectly clear, and the fish were abundant. We had been swimming for quite a while, and it was time to go back. I saw my friend swim ahead until she was barely visible, and I began to panic when I realized I was swimming but not going anywhere. Thoughts of drowning entered my mind.

I believe that I was being watched over, and if I hadn’t received the message from my angel, I would have hit one of the vehicles head-on and been severely injured or even killed. THERE’S NO HIDING FROM AN ANGEL by Sabine Vogt I was about seven or eight years old, living in a little village in Germany. It was a nice sunny afternoon, and all the kids, including me, were out playing. A few of us decided to start a game of hide-and-seek, and we all tried to find a place where we would be hard to find.

I was just a little one, so I was relegated to the bunny hill. They didn’t use a chairlift on that particular slope, but rather an L-shaped conveyor. It was basically a horizontal plank of wood fastened to a metal pole. Skiers would just lean on the plank as it slid them up the hill. I don’t remember how, but I fell down while riding the lift. I was lovingly bundled up into a pink snowsuit—but this day it would be to my detriment. The hood of this one-piece suit got caught on the plank of the lift, and it started dragging me up the hill.

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