An Introduction to Natural Hygiene by Herbert M. Shelton

By Herbert M. Shelton

Booklet by means of Shelton, Herbert M.

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This is not simply manipulating physical supply but, more importantly, manipulating the spiritual energy that is focused in that supply, which is the endowment of the people. We can pray to God for the healing of the economy and to Archangel Michael to intercede. For we need spiritual intercession to be able to bring into our physical world the abundance and opulence of the light, which is available to us from the higher etheric octaves. Terrorism: The Ultimate Fear Tactic The age-old promise behind terrorist suicide missions is that those who kill in the name of God will have an eternal reward.

God is really what you are. ” So I want to get across the concept of the soul. The soul is a vital potential, a potential of the Spirit of God in you. That potential is there. The question is, what are you doing with it? Is it staying small, or is it becoming buoyant and reaching out for more of what God has already promised it? The greatness and potential that is in some of the great adepts and masters is also within the realm of your own doing if you will recognize it. The Chart of Your Divine Self illustrates your vast spiritual potential and destiny.

Parents, family, friends, church members—all get involved. One soldier, after his tour in Iraq was up, reported that because of such prayers his entire unit had survived. Not one of them was killed. He said he could feel the prayers. Another soldier, while stationed in Iraq, shared this remarkable story of divine intervention: Soldiers Survive a Deadly Ambush While on assignment last week, we were ten minutes into the trip when insurgents ambushed us. They tried to engage us with three rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) as well as small arms fire.

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