Applied Homogeneous Catalysis with Organometallic Compounds,

Content material:
Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–27): Boy Cornils and Wolfgang A. Herrmann
Chapter 2.1 Carbon Monoxide and Synthesis fuel Chemistry (pages 29–194): Carl D. Frohning, Christian W. Kohlpaintner and Hans?Willi Bohnen
Chapter 2.2 Hydrogenation (pages 195–212): Henri Brunner
Chapter 2.3 Reactions of Unsaturated Compounds (pages 213–385): Walter Kaminsky and Michael Arndt?Rosenau
Chapter 2.4 Oxidations (pages 386–467): Reinhard Jira
Chapter 2.5 Reactions with Hydrogen Cyanide (Hydrocyanation) (pages 468–490): Steffen Krill
Chapter 2.6 Hydrosilylation and comparable Reactions of Silicon Compounds (pages 491–512): Bogdan Marciniec
Chapter 2.7 response with Nitrogen Compounds: Hydroamination (pages 513–524): Rudolf Taube
Chapter 2.8 Reactions of Hydrocarbons and different Saturated Compounds (pages 525–556): Charles C. Hobbs, David A. Schiraldi, Wolfgang A. Herrmann and Marco Stoeckl
Chapter 2.9 uneven Syntheses (pages 557–585): Ryoji Noyori, Shohei Hashiguchi and Toru Yamano
Chapter 2.10 Ferrocene as a fuel and gas Additive (pages 586–590): Wolfgang A. Herrmann
Chapter 2.11 The Suzuki Cross?Coupling (pages 591–598): Wolfgang A. Herrmann
Chapter 3.1 improvement of equipment: part 3.1.1– (pages 599–740): Boy Cornils and Wolfgang A. Herrmann
Chapter 3.1 improvement of equipment: part 3.1.3– (pages 740–871): Boy Cornils and Wolfgang A. Herrmann
Chapter 3.2 designated Catalysts and methods: part 3.2.1– (pages 872–1033): Carsten Schultz, Harald Groger, Carlo Dinkel, Karlheinz Drauz and Herbert Waldmann
Chapter 3.2 precise Catalysts and strategies: part 3.2.7– (pages 1034–1130): Carsten Schultz, Harald Groger, Carlo Dinkel, Karlheinz Drauz and Herbert Waldmann
Chapter 3.3 exact items: 3.3.1– (pages 1131–1240): Hans?Ulrich Blaser, Benoit Pugin and Felix Spindler
Chapter 3.3 distinct items: 3.3.7– (pages 1241–1340): Hans?Ulrich Blaser, Benoit Pugin and Felix Spindler
Chapter 4.1 Homogeneous Catalysis ? Quo vadis? (pages 1341–1383): Wolfgang A. Herrmann and Boy Cornils

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Sharpless) E. G. Kuntz, 8. Cornils (1980): two-phase catalysis (hydroformylation), RUHRCHEMIE (1968): carbonylation of CH30H T. Alderson I DuPONT (1961): RhCI3catalyzed butadienelethylene coupling G. Wilke (1959): Ni-catalyzed trimerization of butadiene J. Smidt, W. Hafner, R. Jira I WACKER (1 958): Pd-catalyzed ethylene oxidation STANDARD OIL OF INDIANA (1957): olefin metathesis G. Natta (1955): isotactic polymerization of propene K. Ziegler (1953): catalytic low-pressure polymerization of ethylene 0.

The technology and the homogeneous catalyst may be adapted to a mutual target, whereas with heterogeneous catalysis the choice of the catalyst determines the reaction conditions to a large extent (and usually the technical solution, too) (cf. [33-371). An early example of the variability of highly sophisticated organometallic homogeneous catalysis is the synthesis of vitamin A, developed by Pommer et al. at BASF AG in the late 1950s [38a]; a plant producing 600 tons per year has been operational since 1971 [38b].

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