Art and concept: a philosophical study by Lucian Krukowski

By Lucian Krukowski

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The Romantic Imperative: The Concept of Early German Romanticism

The Early Romantics met resistance from artists and lecturers alike partially simply because they defied the normal knowledge that philosophy and the humanities has to be saved separate. certainly, because the literary component to Romanticism has been studied and celebrated lately, its philosophical point has receded from view.

English Romantic Poets: Modern Essays in Criticism

This hugely acclaimed quantity includes thirty essays via such major literary critics as A. O. Lovejoy, Lionel Trilling, C. S. Lewis, F. R. Leavis, Northrop Frye, Harold Bloom, Geoffrey Hartman, Jonathan Wordsworth, and Jack Stillinger. protecting the key poems via all the very important Romantic poets, the participants current many major views in glossy criticism--old and new, discursive and explicative, mimetic and rhetorical, literal and legendary, archetypal and phenomenological, seasoned and con.

European Shakespeares. Translating Shakespeare in the Romantic Age: Selected papers from the conference on Shakespeare Translation in the Romantic Age, Antwerp, 1990

The place, while, and why did ecu Romantics take to Shakespeare? How approximately Shakespeare's reception in enduring Neoclassical or in well known traditions? And in particular: which Shakespeare did those numerous teams advertise? This number of essays leaves in the back of the time-honoured commonplaces approximately Shakespearean translation (the 'translatability' of Shakespeare's types and meanings, the difficulty of 'loss' and 'gain' in translation, the excellence among 'translation' and 'adaptation', translation as an 'art'.

360º Diary: Translated by Pamela J. DeWeese

Luis Goytisolo’s novel, 360º Diary, constitutes a mirrored image at the act of creativity. the unconventional is within the kind of a diary that starts off at the author’s birthday and concludes one (lunar) yr later. every day of the week is pointed out with a subject matter corresponding to the seasons; the extensive hobbies of historical past; the organic and mental cycles of all dwelling beings; and time itself.

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Hegel sees, for example, the Egyptian pyramid, in its heaviness and inertia, as offering a place to the physical god whose spirit, because it is prematurely evoked, does not enter. 3. An art as measured by the changes in dominance, transculturally, among the arts. Here, the various arts gain or lose value as they move toward or away from the historical period they best exemplify. Architecture, for example, may be the prime exemplar of symbolic art, but it gives way to sculpture in the classic period.

Deca- Page 14 dence" can be understood here as a culture's willful rejection of an understood possibility of its own progress. The force of avant-garde aesthetics lies in its move to usurp the forms of progress from the culture proper and locate them in works of art. Radical art functions as criticism because it exemplifies what its society should evolve into but has not. Such art, then, serves both as a reproach and as a concrete instance of progress. It seeks the ontological status of the very reality it symbolizes.

So we were, from the beginning, "artists" not "students"; our youthful limitations seemed to have no necessary relation to the value of what we produced, for the things took on their own identities Page x as they were entered into the realm of conversation. I now see this as an early variant of the more recent attempts to liberate artists and their works from each other. Some years later, I came to better understand the perils of this formalized precociousness. I was drafted and spent time on a military rifle range in North Carolina.

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