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As a rule, your basic Talisman is round on the outside and then these other symbols should be placed inwardly from it on down the center. Actually, the center should be a square. Now we will refer briefly to the Element of Akasha, the Elemental Force of Akasha, and that is a sort of a strange shape. It is like two convex curves of various sizes but more likely to be a narrow one. I have never heard of it being used in a Talisman and if it has ever been used it certainly hasn’t been put down in any of the books that I have run across.

The Elemental Force of Fire is the Force of expansion. You have expansion following movement. Movement can be static, but usually movement is followed by an outward movement called ex(out)pansion. When you have increased movement it leads to increased heat, and increased heat leads to still more movement, and still more expansion. ” Fast physical movement does result in heat, and so also does fast metaphysical movement result in metaphysical “heat,” which results in metaphysical expansion. Although, naturally, you will have to cognize this metaphysical action mentally, look for it mentally, your mental search can be very rewarding, in fact, this mental search is your Occult education!

And There Is Nothing Else!!! I swear!!! So learn these five Elemental Forces here and now, and their connections with Talismans in this book, and you have made a great step forward to Illumination and Mastery. Go ahead, read and learn each slightly different presentation of Knowledge about the five Elemental Forces no matter what order it comes in. To resume. You will look in vain elsewhere for any basic ideas as to the fundamental reasons for Talismans being constructed the way they are, or for the reasons behind it all.

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