Astrological Patterns: The Key to Self Discovery by Frances Sakoian

By Frances Sakoian

In strong common , pages are a bit yellow.

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Many children, and adults, blame their parents for defects that Tibetans assume to be the inevitable flaws of the human condition. Psychotherapies often encourage this retrospective anger by magnifying past deprivations and focussing upon defects in parent-child relationships. Like most Asians, Tibetans revere their elders and maintain family harmony even at some cost to the individuals. From Rinpoche's eyes we Americans are restlessly mobile. We express so much dissatisfaction with our country, that we seem to be unaware-as he sees it-that we live in a golden age of affluence and religious freedom.

Our very arrival was an immediate lesson in the Buddhist secret of survival, a philosophy which GAY GAER luCE wrote the following article after attending the Human Devdopment Training Program, an eight-week intensive seminar offered at the Nyingma l_nstitute for professionals in the helping professions. A writer and psy· chologist, she is the author of Body Time, works as a therapist, and teaches sKum Nye at the Nyingma Instirute. rtemP$Jfchology Meets TibelllnBuddhism 49 summer training program experience sound deep relaxation urges the acceptance of life as it is, rather than an effort to meet expectations.

Touch the floor," he commanded. "Bend back. Now close your eyes. " He went around the room. People certainly saw different parts of the spectrum. Most of us would have dismissed a splash of color in our visual field as not worth noting. But Rinpoche was interested. From these traces he seemed to be measuring something about our consciousness, 'as if it were familiar territory. It was awesome to realize that a Tibetan teacher would understand the private signs of inner events as though they were written on a map.

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