Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist (Galaxy Books) by Stephen Rogers Peck

By Stephen Rogers Peck

Отличная книга по человеческой анатомии, ставшая уже классикой в своем жанре. Охватывает как темы, посвященные скелету и мышцам, так и более экзотические - жир, вены, волосы, возраст, пол, расса и т.д. Текст простой для чтения и не перегружен техническими деталями. Множество отличных анатомических иллюстраций, а также схематических зарисовок. Stephen Rogers Pecks Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist continues to be unsurpassed as a guide for college students. It comprises sections on bones, muscle groups, floor anatomy, percentage, equilibrium, and locomotion. different distinct beneficial properties are sections at the varieties of human body, anatomy from beginning to outdated age, an orientation on racial anatomy, and an research of facial expressions. The wealth of knowledge provided by way of the Atlas guarantees its position as a vintage for the research of the human shape.

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Muscles Involved Primary: Pectoralis major Secondary: Anterior deltoid, triceps brachii 58 Anatomic Focus mi d d l e c h e s t Body position: Your torso should lie flat, and your shoulders and buttocks should contact the bench. Plant your feet firmly on the floor for stability. If your lower back is arched or your buttocks rise off the bench, the focus shifts to the lower pectorals. Raising your feet off the floor by bending your knees may help target the middle chest, but stability and balance are compromised when your feet are not in contact with the floor.

Narrow hand spacing emphasizes the inner central portion of the chest and requires more effort from the triceps. Wider grips provide a greater stretch, targeting the outer portion of the muscle, and minimize triceps contribution. However, as hand spacing increases, so does the risk of injury. Range of motion: To maximize pectoral work, flare your elbows out wide as the barbell is lowered. A shorter repetition terminating the press just before lockout keeps tension on the pectorals and reduces triceps assistance.

The supraspinatus initiates the arm raise and is active during the first 60 degrees of the movement. To focus on the rotator cuff muscle, terminate the upward phase when your hand reaches chest level. Dumbbell Lateral Raise The dumbbell lateral raise (either sitting or standing) described earlier in this chapter is a good variation of the incline side raise. You can use one arm at a time or work both simultaneously. 43 This page intentionally left blank. 1) is a fan-shaped muscle that has two anatomic sections, or heads.

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