Basic sciences for ophthalmology by Louise A Bye; Neil C Modi; Miles Stanford

By Louise A Bye; Neil C Modi; Miles Stanford

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Each medial palpebral artery divides into two branches that pass laterally, forming two arches in each upper and lower lid. The arches anastomose with the lateral palpebral arteries as well as with branches of the superficial temporal, transverse facial, and infraorbital arteries. The veins of the eyelids drain: ● ● medially into the ophthalmic and angular veins laterally into the superficial temporal vein. Lymphatic vessels from the lateral two-thirds of the upper and lower lids drain to the superficial parotid nodes.

6. 7. maxillary ethmoidal sphenoid lacrimal palatine. Anteriorly, the orbital rim (or margin) is quadrilateral in shape. The supraorbital margin is composed of the frontal bone. The supraorbital notch (or foramen) is located at Orbit and adnexa Optic tracts 25 Chapter 1 Anatomy Left eye Central vision Right eye Optic nerve (1) Optic chiasm (3) Lateral chiasm (2) Postchiasm(4) Meyer’s loop 1. Optic nerve 2. Lateral chiasm 3. Optic chiasm 4. Post chiasm Superior Lateral 5. radiation geniculate nucleus Inferior 6.

As the nerve passes through the supraorbital notch, it supplies a small branch to the mucous membrane of the frontal sinus. The supratrochlear nerve travels above the trochlea of the superior oblique and moves upwards to pierce the orbital septum to eventually innervate the medial upper lid and the medial skin of the forehead. branches of the third nerve on the lateral aspect of the optic nerve. The nasociliary nerve then wraps anteriorly around the optic nerve in a superomedial fashion across the optic nerve’s upper surface to supply the medial wall with its posterior ethmoidal nerves.

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