Beyond 2012 by Julia Loren

By Julia Loren

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They chose to exchange the worship of creation for the worship of the Creator! Until we have truly grasped and realized the height, the width, the depth, and the breadth of God’s love let’s not settle for focusing on anything less than that. If, as we journey with God, He sovereignly causes phenomena to happen and releases paradigm shaking revelations then let’s grow in our sense of amazement and wonder of His goodness. But to digress from seeking Him and not allowing Him to lead us and guide us as He sees fit is a demonic digression.

They need to repent. ” Another perhaps thought, “The tenderness of Jesus caused Him to reach out to feed the poor and heal the sick, so this is certainly not His will that people should perish. If they were my family, I’d want to make sure they were well protected. ” One individual likely immediately strategized about what to do. “Jesus was certainly a practical prophet. He took loaves and fishes from a little boy and multiplied the food source. We could take what little we have and send it to them.

It wasn’t smoke. It was more like buildings collapsing rapidly behind them. It seemed as if an earthquake was centered only in one area of the city and I knew it was bad. Suddenly, the screen and creatures disappeared and I found myself on my knees weeping, stunned. Later that night, I told my friend and traveling companion what I had seen and said, “I am going home to a major school shooting that will happen probably on Monday. ” It was Saturday when I saw the vision. On Monday, I sat in a management meeting in the school principal’s office where I was working as a counselor when the secretary interrupted our meeting with the announcement of a school shooting that was occurring at Santana High School, in our San Diego school district.

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