Beyond the Himalayas by M MacDonald-Bayne

By M MacDonald-Bayne

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One must 41 BEYOND THE HIMALAYAS practise slowly to master the execution of the composition. Do not slur over a diffcult part; take it slowly at first and increase the tempo, but with accuracy. Know that you were born with dominion over all things. “Understand the impersonal unity in all things, disregard personal separation, live in the conscious relisation of your oneness with the Creator of all mankind. Love your neighbour as yourself. ” I was spellbound by his understanding, his wisdom, his knowledge of all the important things in Life.

48 BEYOND THE HIMALAYAS “I agree with you,” I said, “I have seen leaders, religious and otherwise, make statements which the unthinking masses accept. So they wave flags and shout. This is the ignorant mob, people who are not capable of examining what is said and it is happening everywhere. Leaders steeped in religious bigotry and extreme nationalism are the curse of our civilisation. ” “That is very true,” he said, “but the worst of all is that people pray to a God of Love while they are steeped in hatred.

Well,” he continued, “ heat and cold do not exist in Reality; these ‘conditions’ exist only in the mind. Spirit, which is the basis of all things, is not affected by heat or cold. ” “I understand that,” I said. “Well,” he went on, “this is done by breathing exercises with the use of the sound vibrations of the ‘Aum’ so that it vibrates through the whole of your body. ” “Yes, but that is not all. By the constant repetition of the sound of Creation ‘Aum’ the subjective consciousness becomes aware of the power of both creation and disintegration because they are one, and not separate principles.

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