Starhawks 3: Beyond (Operation Starhawks, Book 3) by Sean Dalton

By Sean Dalton

3rd experience of the big name Hawks written by means of Deborah Chester less than a pseudonym.

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Only a slight unsteadiness in his walk betrayed that he was less than fully sober. They went into the minuscule hold where 41 was heaving canisters and boxes around in an effort to make everything fit. “Mostly weapons and some food,” said Caesar in satisfaction. He tapped a crate stamped private stores. “What’s this? Got the Jefferson’s emblem on it. ” 41 paused in his work, sweat oiling his bare torso. ” Kelly and Caesar stared at the crate, urgency momentarily forgotten. “Brandy,” whispered Caesar in reverence.

He sat up, muffling a groan, and let 41 haul him to his feet. Around him was a curved corridor of Fleet gray, plain and slightly cramped. Kelly remembered long-ago days of Fleet service and overcame the urge to stoop slightly beneath the low ceilings. Facing him and 41 were three young ensigns and a female lieutenant. Smoke-smudged and red-eyed, their faces had the grimness of battle fatigue. Their eyes held horror and grief. The lieutenant stepped forward. “Welcome aboard the Sounder, Commander.

I knew it,” he said. ” “Pity your colleagues didn’t believe you,” said the admiral. He kept drinking Kelly in with his eyes. It had been two years since they had last met face-to-face. But with Lewis and company bearing down upon them, it wasn’t much of a time for reunions. Kelly stared at the viewscreen with disgust. “They’re still coming? Can’t they understand anything! Damn! ” As he spoke he glanced at Siggerson, standing wedged in a corner, looking lost. The admiral cleared his throat. “Yes, well, you pulled quite a spectacular stunt out there, but now you’re stuck with us.

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