Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications, and Issues, by Judith Goodenough

By Judith Goodenough

With a brand new open, student-friendly structure and extra media integration, the Fourth variation of Biology of people: techniques, functions, and matters keeps to customize the examine of human biology. Its conversational writing type, wonderful paintings, plentiful functions, and studying instruments improve your critical-thinking abilities. The authors offer a conceptual framework that can assist you know how bodies paintings, and to accommodate matters correct to human overall healthiness in today’s global. You’ll achieve an appreciation for the intricacy of the human physique and where of people within the ecosphere.

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5. Are there other possible explanations for the results? Suppose you learn that the fish oil headline is based on a study showing that people who eat fish at least three 11 times a week live longer than those who eat fish less frequently. In this case, the data indicate that there is a correlation between fish in the diet and length of life. However, a correlation between two factors does not prove that one caused the other. Instead, the two factors may both be caused by a third factor. In this case, the difference in longevity may be due to other differences in the lifestyles of the two groups.

1 Humans in the World of Biology Fact Fiction or Life is easy to define. p. 1 The scientific method is a series of experimental steps that must be strictly followed and not creatively modified. p. 6 A theory in science is a hypothesis, a hunch, or a scientist’s personal opinion on a subject. p. 9 Basic Characteristics of All Living Things Classification by Evolutionary Relationship Levels of Biological Organization Scientific Method Critical Thinking to Evaluate Scientific Claims Environmental Issue Medicinal Plants and the Shrinking Rain Forest n this chapter, we see that life has many levels of organization: individual, population, community, ecosystem, and biosphere.

Medical professionals use radiation for diagnosis and therapy. Perhaps the most familiar diagnostic use of radiation is the x-ray.

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