Comprehensive Ophthalmology 4th Edition by A. K. Khurana

By A. K. Khurana

This ebook presents a superb review to the technological know-how of Ophthalmology and should be an invaluable reference textual content either for undergraduates and postgraduates of the self-discipline. it truly is divided into 2 sections Anatomy, body structure and ailments of the attention and sensible Ophthalmology on the way to supply scholars with fabric for his or her useful examinations and numerous postgraduate front exams. each one bankruptcy starts with a short evaluation highlighting the subjects coated, by way of appropriate utilized anatomy and body structure. The textual content comprises transparent pedagogic gains to aid the reader, and discusses contemporary advances equivalent to refractive surgical procedure, guide small incision cataract surgical procedure (SICS), Phacoemulsification, new diagnostic ideas and new therapeutics. finished Ophthalmology is a concise handy textbook that would additionally function a valued addition to the library of each division of ophthalmology. Contents 1.Anatomy and improvement of the attention 2. body structure of Eye and imaginative and prescient three. Optics and Refraction four. illnesses of the Conjunctiva five. ailments of the Cornea 6. illnesses of the Sclera 7. illnesses of the Uveal Tract eight. illnesses of the Lens nine. Glaucoma 10. ailments of the Vitreous eleven. illnesses of the Retina 12. Neuro-Ophthalmology thirteen. Strabismus and Nystagmus 14. illnesses of the Eyelids 15. illnesses of the Lacrimal equipment sixteen. ailments of the Orbit 17. Ocular accidents 18. Ocular Therapeutics, Lasers and Cryotherapy in Ophthalmology 19. Systemic Ophthalmology 20. neighborhood Ophthalmology 21. scientific tools in Ophthalmology 22. scientific Ophthalmic circumstances 23. Darkroom techniques 24. Ophthalmic tools and Operative OphthalmologyAlso on hand: Mini Atlas of Ophthalmic surgical procedure - ISBN 1905740360Anshan Publishers is a writer of good scientific, clinical, and technical books. we discover the simplest titles from our all over the world publishing companions and convey them to the worldwide industry. We submit in quite a lot of fields, including:- Anatomy Anesthesia Cardiology Dermatology clinic bought Infections/Epidemiology Obstetrics & Gynecology Ophthalmology Orthopedics soreness administration Pathology Pediatrics Pharmacy Radiology surgical procedure Ultrasound, ECG, and Echo

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For details see page 195. 4. Refractive corneal surgery is under trial for correction of aphakia. It includes: i. Keratophakia. In this procedure a lenticule prepared from the donor cornea is placed between the lamellae of patient's cornea. ii. Epikeratophakia. In this procedure, the lenticule prepared from the donor cornea is stitched over the surface of cornea after removing the epithelium. iii. Hyperopic Lasik (see page 48) 6. Visual status and refraction will vary depending upon the power of IOL implanted as described above.

For a converging (convex) lens the power is taken as positive and for a diverging (concave) Identification of a convex lens. (i) The convex lens is thick in the centre and thin at the periphery (ii) An object held close to the lens, appears magnified. (iii) When a convex lens is moved, the object seen through it moves in the opposite direction to the lens. Uses of convex lens. It is used (i) for correction of hypermetropia, aphakia and presbyopia; (ii) in oblique illumination (loupe and lens) examination, in indirect ophthalmoscopy, as a magnifying lens and in many other equipments.

Clinical types 1. Simple anisometropia. In this, one eye is normal (emmetropic) and the other either myopic (simple myopic anisometropia) or hypermetropic (simple hypermetropic anisometropia). 2. Compound anisometropia. wherein both eyes are either hypermetropic (compound hypermetropic anisometropia) or myopic (compound myopic anisometropia), but one eye is having higher refractive error than the other. 3. Mixed anisometropia. In this, one eye is myopic and the other is hypermetropic. This is also called antimetropia.

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