Netter's Atlas of Human Neuroscience, 1e by David L. Felten MD PhD, Ralph Jozefowicz

By David L. Felten MD PhD, Ralph Jozefowicz

This atlas combines the precision and sweetness of 325 Netter and Netter-style illustrations with up-to-date info to mirror our starting to be realizing of the various areas and platforms of the mind, spinal twine, and outer edge. Concise neuroscience atlas utilizing Netter illustrations to focus on key neuroanatomical innovations and medical correlations. the only top resource of illustrations of the anxious procedure, with accomplished updated details in a succinct and valuable structure, reflecting present knowing of the apprehensive system.

  • Provides an outline of the fundamental beneficial properties of the spinal wire, mind, and peripheral worried process, the vasculature, meninges and cerebrospinal fluid, and easy development.
  • Uses a neighborhood association of the peripheral worried procedure, spinal wire, mind stem and cerebellum, and forebrain.
  • Offers a systemic association of the sensory motor structures, motor structures (including cerebellum and basal ganglia), and limbic/hypothalmic/autonomic systems.

structure of colour plate with legend -- legends integrated at the similar web page because the illustrations to avoid the necessity for turning pages backward and forward. a number of tightly equipped tables integrated to dispose of the necessity for lengthy or particular determine descriptions or textual content. those tables are priceless aides to pupil studying. Schematic cross-sectional mind stem anatomy, and side-by-side comparisons of horizonal sections, CTs and MRs, cast off the necessity for another buy of an in depth neuroanatomy atlas. Netter's well-recognized and aesthetically unique neurosciences illustrations up-to-date to mirror brand new technological know-how.

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Oj« " o~ Vase! l. ,. I ' ,;",1 A~:",c< o', . ~~ . od Lo,..... •. 5 3: ANGIOGRAPHIC ANATOMY Of THE INTERNAL CAROTID CIRCULATION _ __ The left plate is an angiogram lateral view of the in ternal ca ro tid arterial circulation after injection of a rad io-opaque contrast agent into th e internal ca rotid artery. The major branches of th e internal carotid artery, particularly th e anterior cerebral and middle cere bral arteries, are delineated. The right j'):ale is an angiogram frontal view o f the internal carotid arteri al circulation afte r injecti on of a radio­ opaque contrast agent into the common carotid artery.

Post. c ommunic atin g a. 51: ARTERIAL DISTRIBUTION TO THE BRAIN: LATERAL AND MEDIAL VIEWS _ _ __ lOP The ,'v\ CA sends th e named branches alon g the 5wJdace or the hemispheric convexity into the ~ron:a: and parietal lobes and into th e anteri or and middle regio ns of rhe temporal lobes. Occlusion disrupts 5ensor v and motor functions on the con­ trala:efal bodv, especially the upper extremity, or on the entire contralateral body if the internal capsule is aiiected . (Bo ttom) Th e ACA distributes ,-,­ to the midline region o f the frontal and parietal Jo bes.

H-t . ll ve in (ofCillel1) Vermis - Su p. medullar y velum IIlI. ' ,; Cent ral cilflJ l c)/ ~plnil l cord ;. 43: ANATOMY OF TH E FOURTH VENTRI CLE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ FIGUI The rho mbu s-shaped fourth ve ntricl e extends thro ugh the pons and the medulla. The foram in a of \ \a gendie and luschka must remain pa tent for proper flow of CSF into the cisterns. Bilatera lly sym· metrical pro trusions, depreSSions, and sulci on th e floo r of the ve ntricle defi ne th e und erlyin g anatomy 01 bra in stem regions.

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