Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference, Second Edition by Steven Feuerstein, Bill Pribyl, Chip Dawes

By Steven Feuerstein, Bill Pribyl, Chip Dawes

The 'Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference' is an effective pocket reference for Oracle 11g yet i believe that this subject material is difficult to condense in dimension. i think that this is not a distinct segment ebook that truly accomplishes a lot. i'm going to nonetheless provide it four stars simply because it is convenient yet i feel you'd be extra apt to choose up one of many larger Oracle PL/SQL books via O'Reilly instead.****

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Here are some example calls to the above procedure: -- Use two default values. hire_employee(new_empno); -- Use one default value. hire_employee(new_empno,'12-Jan-1999'); -- Use non-trailing default value, named notation. 4 Parameter-passing notations Formal parameters are the names that are declared in the header of a procedure or function. Actual parameters (arguments) are the values or expressions placed in the parameter list when a procedure or function is called. 1, the actual parameters to the procedure are in_id, out_last_name, and out_first_name.

Individual developers may alter the value of PLSQL_COMPILER_FLAGS using the ALTER SESSION statement. The following parameters many also need to be set: PLSQL_NATIVE_C_COMPILER, PLSQL_NATIVE_LINKER, PLSQL_NATIVE_LIBRARY_DIR, PLSQL_NATIVE_MAKE_UTILITY, and PLSQL_NATIVE_MAKE_FILE_NAME. The DBA can set these parameters in the Oracle initialization file or using an ALTER SYSTEM statement. Create or replace your stored programs. Verify the native compilation by querying the data dictionary view USER_STORED_SETTINGS and also by locating the shared library or DLL in the database server's file system.

Main procedure logic here END; Local programs may be overloaded with the same restrictions as overloaded packaged programs. 6 Program overloading PL/SQL allows you to define two or more programs with the same name within any declaration section, including a package specification or body. This is called overloading. If two or more programs have the same name, they must be different in some other way so that the compiler can determine which program should be used. Here is an example of overloaded programs in a built-in package specification: PACKAGE DBMS_OUTPUT IS PROCEDURE PUT_LINE (a VARCHAR2); PROCEDURE PUT_LINE (a NUMBER); PROCEDURE PUT_LINE (a DATE); END; Each PUT_LINE procedure is identical, except for the datatype of the parameter.

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