Parenting in Planned Lesbian Families by Henny Bos

By Henny Bos

This thesis reviews on a learn on lesbian households during which the kids have been born to the lesbian dating (planned lesbian families). How robust is the will of lesbian moms to have a toddler, and what are their motivations? How do lesbian moms event parenthood? What do they try for in baby rearing? How do they event the connection with their associate, and do they consider supported via others? what's the caliber of the parent-child dating in lesbian households? Do lesbian moms suppose rejected, and if this is the case, does this have a unfavourable influence on their position as a dad or mum, and does it negatively effect baby adjustment? some of these questions are tested in 'Parenting in deliberate Lesbian Families', this through learning a hundred two-mother households and evaluate them with a hundred heterosexual households. it's the greatest learn on deliberate lesbian households to this point.

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7%). From this pool of 251 heterosexual families, 100 were selected using our matching criteria (population registration offices: 42 families; schools: 49 families and referrals from participants of the lesbian family group: 9 families). 4% respectively. The non-response rate among heterosexual families was expected to be higher than among lesbian families, based on the findings of previous research (Brewaeys, Ponjaert-Kristoffersen, Van Steirteghem, & Devroey, 1993; Jacob, Klock, & Maier, 1999; Wendland, Byrn, & Hill, 1996).

Although family functioning in lesbian families might be just as varied, challenging, comforting, amusing and frustrating as it is in heterosexual families, it is the stigma of lesbianism and the lack of acknowledgement of lesbianism that makes their family life different (Nelson, 1996). Further examination of the stigmatiza29 Parenting in Planned Lesbian Families tion of these families would be another challenge for future research on planned lesbian families. Research on lesbian families is of interest in its own right, and it is important to include studies on lesbian women in mainstream research (Herek, Kimmel, Amaro, & Melton, 1991; More & Rochlen, 1999).

Of these, 43 were contacted through the MCBC, 60 through the interest group and 75 through experts in the area of gay and lesbian parenting. 3%). Only one family responded to the advertisement. All in all, 1172 heterosexual families received a letter of invitation (the population registration offices: 600 families; schools: 510 families; referrals from par50 Experience of parenthood, couple relationship, social support ticipants of the lesbian family group: 62). 4%) were returned. 7%). From this pool of 251 heterosexual families, 100 were selected using our matching criteria (population registration offices: 42 families; schools: 49 families and referrals from participants of the lesbian family group: 9 families).

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