Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution by Amorah Quan Yin

By Amorah Quan Yin

The Pleiadian Emissaries of sunshine offer this interesting chronicle of human non secular evolution from a galactic point of view. This wider background of our sunlight process restores the long-forgotten connection of humankind with Venus, Mars, Maldek, and Earth. the reality approximately our old prior is exposed, supporting us to recollect the reviews that experience prompted us to operate dualistically, and guiding us towards karmic wholeness as unified and divine beings.

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When the time for the long-awaited blast actually came, the sundials and geometric configurations within the pyramid’s structure confirmed the alignment. Synchronization of the sonic, psychic, and nuclear projectiles was all in order and ready. When the exact time came, everything went off as intended, but the results were far from what was planned. There was a loud boom, accompanied by sonic waves, collected astral/psychic energies, and blasts of light. A giant hole opened in the planet’s atmosphere, creating spontaneous combustion, and every living thing on the planet was vaporized in a matter of seconds.

The remaining citizens of the original colony were reluctant to let these people leave, for they secretly knew that the peace-seeking migrants had helped keep what balance remained in the city. Some of those who left even had second thoughts about leaving for exactly the same reason; they wanted to help maintain the balance and give their less-evolved neighbors another chance to change. However, even with this compassion and concern about the colonists left behind, they knew that Ra’s presence was essential to their own continuing evolution.

Upon further study, it was realized that this same phenomenon occurred in the humans who ate the plants. Therefore, the animals and humans who were transferred to new planets not only retained the mutations of their own species’ chromosomes, they were also forced to adapt to the plant chromosome mutations in their food. In humans, the emotional impact of this phenomenon was a fear of change and death at the cellular level. This type of fear had been unknown at the beginning of human existence when human cells had a natural, built-in understanding about cycles and death.

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