Proteins of the Cerebrospinal Fluid by E. Thompson

By E. Thompson

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It is a very basic protein (pI approx 9), but with storage it may be come more acidic (pI 8) – unlike beta trace, which becomes more basic. It is thus a common artefact in the gamma region, and on focusing it may be mistaken for an immunoglobulin (as noted by Olsson [835]). It has recently been considered to be a precursor of the hypothalamic peptide ACTH [405] or (more likely) a protease inhibitor [42], specifically cystatin C [939]. Tau protein (beta-2 transferrin) is essentially absent from serum, and may be produced within the CNS by the removal of sialic acid from transferrin.

C H A P T E R 5 Different blood–CSF barriers Introduction Different sources of CSF proteins Conclusion Introduction Normal CSF is derived mostly from the choroid plexi and also from interstitial fluid. Under various pathological conditions, significant sources can include: the meninges, the dorsal root ganglia, the CSF cells and brain cells. CSF from each source (normal as well as pathologic) has a typical protein pattern. Different barriers produce specific fluids with individual mixtures of different proportions of proteins.

Much to be preferred, however, is the use of pairs of CSF and matching serum levels from any given person, which then have an individual quotient calculated, and then finally an average of all the quotients from several individuals is prepared. This average of quotients is more reliable than taking quotients of averages. 4. e. a quotient of averages. 3 Averages from data of Felgenhauer (1972) replotted [271]. 6. 3). 6 (for which she used Dako antibodies). 8 (using Seward antibodies). It might be assumed that the differences in antiserum would cancel out, since CSF results are being divided by serum results.

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