Tales and Customs of the Ancient Hebrews by Eva Herbst

By Eva Herbst

A fascinating account of how the traditional Hebrews lived, in the course of the tale of David, the shepherd boy. In transparent and easy prose, provides information of the garments they developed, the tents they outfitted, the nutrients they harvested, and the song they loved. additional info approximately their lives is shared throughout the tales of Moses, Ruth, and Joseph, which are instructed to David. The e-book concludes with David's stumble upon with Goliath and his friendship with Jonathan. appealing black and white illustrations supplement the textual content. appropriate for a long time eight and up.

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He, also, became very fond of the boy. He had him taught and trained, just as though Moses had been the grandson of the Egyptian king. As a child, Moses wore no clothes, as was the custom among the Egyptians. He had several people to care for him when he went out. He was taken into the streets in a wheeled vehicle. Sometimes he was taken for a sail in a boat, on the river. In Egypt the education of a boy trained the body as well as the mind. The boys played such games as wrestling, fighting with single sticks, ball, and lifting and swinging heavy bags of sand over their heads.

They were placed upon the floor and used as beds. The floors were clean, for you know the sandals were not worn in the house. CANDLESTICK The Hebrews had, too, a sort of bed resembling a sofa. Sometimes this was ornamented with ivory, on the sides and back. Upon this bed were placed pillows stuffed with wool. After all had lain down upon their beds, a dim light could still be seen, during the whole night. Where was the mother of David all this time? The women of those days did not as a rule take their meals in the same room with the men, unless there was some great feast.

At God's command Moses told them to ask the Egyptians for jewels and silver and gold. And the Egyptians gave them many valuable things. Moses bade each Hebrew to kill a lamb, and splash the blood upon the lintel of his door. Thus the homes of the Hebrews were to be known from those of the Egyptians. This was on the night of the fourteenth of the first month, called Nisan. Moses told the people that, forever after, a feast should be held on the anniversary of this night, in memory of God's goodness.

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