The New Temple and the Second Coming: The Prophecy That by Grant R. Jeffrey

By Grant R. Jeffrey

An array of recent archaeological reveals and revealing discoveries within the old urban hidden underneath Jerusalem bring about a beautiful end: The new release alive at the present time will witness the go back of Christ.The evidence–uncovered by means of prophecy professional provide R. Jeffrey–is breathtaking: Jewish gurus are getting ready to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. Quietly they've got recovered misplaced artifacts from the traditional Temple and feature recreated sacred worship vessels. the recent Sanhedrin, now reconvened in Israel, is education Levite monks to reinstitute animal sacrifice. those awesome advancements have far-reaching prophetic importance. during this publication you are going to learn the biblical prophecies and examine information that jointly resolve end-times mysteries, including:·The look for misplaced Temple treasures ·Revealing discoveries in underground Jerusalem·The strategy of recreating sacred Temple vessels ·Unexpected clues published within the Copper Scroll and the Ezekiel Tablets·The most recent plans for rebuilding the TempleJoin Dr. Jeffrey as he uncovers solutions to questions that experience puzzled scholars of prophecy for hundreds of years. solutions that time to the unmistakable end that this is often actually the final iteration.

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